Two Senior Forex Trading Technologists Have Left Citi

To senior foreign exchange Technologist and directors left this company recently in order to take on new roles at their desired companies. These companies are Facebook and Google. This was highly unexpected by the company and these movies were not noticed until LinkedIn made them public. Chris Giles was the former director of the trading technology and is now working at Facebook As a Software Engineer.

This person has more than three decades of experience working in rules related to Engineering which focus on trading Technologies. He has been working on this stuff since 1995. Is. The last 24 years working at Barclays.
In 2010 he joined the New York-headquartered bank as the FX options Technology had. He was later promoted to global head of FX after 6 years.

James left the company for joining Google.

He left the company in order to become a technical director at the office of chief Technology officer at Google Cloud. This person was the head of data science for FX trading at the bank.

James holds a doctorate in Philosophy in computational neuroscience and artificial intelligence from Oxford University. He spent more than six years with the bank as the senior consultant initially in June 2013.

John is now working in applied Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing. He works in the Google Cloud platforms office of CTO. It is a team of technical experts and leaders from Google.

According to his LinkedIn, they guide and advise companies on the use of cloud and AI to transform business, balancing near term ROI with long term goals. John has a particular interest in converting abstract business challenges into structured machine learning solutions.


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