You may be tempted to download a casino app onto any mobile device you own or have access to and if that is something that you are considering doing, then you will of course be interested to learn just what type of casino games you are going to have access to on such an app.

With that in mind below we have an overview of the most popular categories of casino games which you will have access to all casino apps, and we shall also be introducing you to a couple of casino game categories that you may be blissfully unaware of.

So keep on reading to discover just how wide and varied that range of different casino games that are going to be just a tap or two of your mobile devices screen away if you do decide to download a casino app onto your mobile phone or tablet device!

Slot Machines – There are going to be so many different types of slot machines that you will be able to instantly access on a casino app you really are going to be having be ball working your way through them all and playing them all if you are a slot player.

There will be plenty of fruit machines themed slot machines to get stuck into playing however you will also find plenty of the older styled classic slots and three reel slots too. Some of the most played casino app slot games are the video slots which all offer some form of unique bonus game and bonus features too.

Progressives slot games are also readily on offer via a casino app and the jackpots on those types of slot machines can be mega sized, and can be won at random, via a bonus game or by simply spinning in a set of matching symbols on a certain pay line.

Video Poker Games – It may be beneficial for you to start to learn how to play video poker, for when you download a casino app onto your mobile phone or tablet device you will find lots of different video poker games on offer.

However, video poker games can return some of the very highest of payout percentages and as such they are the type of games you will be getting the best winning chances on whenever you play them optimally!

Progressive Games – There can be some life changing progressive jackpots on offer when you play casino game via a casino app, and the range of games that have progressive jackpots attached to is very large and varied.

Card Games – Blackjack games, casino poker games an also plenty of other card games such as Baccarat can be accessed via most casino apps, you will find those games can be quite high paying games and will also offer you a range of different staking options.

Table Games – Table game players will also have plenty of choice in regards to the types of table games they can instantly play via a casino app, if you enjoy playing Roulette for example then do be aware the best variants to play will always be the games on which there is one zero in play and you should therefore avoid any Roulette game which has more than one zero on the wheel!

Unique Games – There are also going to be quite a number of game offered via some casino apps that you may never have seen or played before that you may never have associated with a casino.

Take for example games such as scratchcard games, whilst those games may sound extremely boring to play when logged into a casino app you will find that many of them offer different playing structure and can be played for several different stake options. The payout and RTP’s of casino app scratchcard games are usually way higher than those found on scratchcards you buy from shops!

Arcade Games – There are some casino game designers that have gone out of their way to ensure the range of game you will be accessing when using one of their casino apps are going to be very wide and varied.

Take for example Playtech how have been designing online and mobile games for decades. They now offer players using a casino app offering their games a range of arcade game you can play, all of which offer real money prizes when playing in a real money playing environment.

Many of those games will offer you a type of playing structure you may find exciting or entertaining so do consider giving some of those very unique and unusual arcade games a little play time you ever wish to have a change of scenery from the usual type of casino games you tend to play all of the time!



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