When it comes to playing Blackjack online you will find that depending on just which online casino site you choose to play at, you will find a quite a large selection of different variants on offer, and it will be casino sites using Playtech, Real Time Gaming and Microgaming that do tend to have the largest selections of blackjack games on offer.

If you do fancy giving blackjack playing online a try then below we have listed some of the most played variants available to online players, and alongside each of the game names we have an overview of just why those variants are as popular as they are with players!

Classic Blackjack – The lowest house edge Blackjack game that you will find available online is Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack, the single hand version as opposed to the multi hand variant. That game will offer players a house edge of some 0.13% when played optimally.

With that in mind if you do choose to play Blackjack online then this game really has to be right at the top of your list of blackjack games to play for you will always have the very best winning opportunities whenever you play it with perfect strategy in play!

Blackjack Switch – When you log into any Playtech software powered online casino site or when using their mobile gaming platform you will find a unique blackjack game which is the Blackjack Switch game, if you learn to play that two hand game optimally and strategically you will be up against a low house edge of just 0.16%.

Live Blackjack – You will find a lot of online casinos sites will give you access to one or more live Blackjack games, which are being played in land based casinos and you watch the action via a live video and audio stream and place your bets onto those tables from your own computer.

Progressive Blackjack – There are several different progressive blackjack games that you will be able to play at various different online and mobile casino sites, however one thing to always remember about those games is that they tend to require you or force you to have to place a side bet to have any possible chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

By you choose to play progressive blackjack games then you will be experiencing a much higher overall house edge due to that forced side bet wager.

Double Exposure Blackjack – One final Blackjack game variant that is very popular with new players is the Double Exposure Blackjack game, why that game is so popular with players is that all of the dealer’s playing cards are dealt facing upwards, which does of course mean you know what hand the dealer has each type you play this game.

However, the more experienced Blackjack players will always tend to avoid playing his particular variant due to it have a very high house edge, even though you are able to see just what cards the dealer is holding.


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