Julian has encouraged the Government give the green light to Yorkshire becoming world leader in carbon capture and storage technology.

Ministers are set to launch a competition to decide where one billion pounds earmarked for schemes should be spent and the MP is urging them to support Yorkshire and the Humber.

Speaking in a debate in the House of Commons Chamber on Tuesday 6 March, he highlighted how the region was the best placed to deliver on carbon capture and storage given its heavy-industry heritage and proximity to North Sea storage.

It is estimated the go-ahead would bring 55,000 construction jobs to Yorkshire, inward investment opportunities, export opportunities and the development of expertise and technology which would support the region’s economy as a whole.

Speaking after the debate, Julian Smith said:

“By focusing on the Yorkshire and the Humber region, Ministers can give the development of carbon capture and storage technology a critical mass that would help the country become a world leader.

“We have the expertise, the skills and the desire to make the projects proposed for this region a success and they would bring huge economic benefits to Yorkshire as a whole and help rebalance  the UK’s economy.

“I hope that Ministers can encourage Europe to push forward with its side of the financial bargain and accelerate the Government’s process to allow carbon capture and storage projects to go-ahead as soon as possible.”


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