If you enjoy gambling in any shape or form then here at the Julian Smith MP site we are going to be giving you access to a huge range of blog posts, articles and general gambling guides that are going to hopefully make you into something of a much savvier gambler.

We will be giving you access to a range of different gambling hints and tips for playing a range of different casino games and will also be letting you know where to play your favourite games online or via a mobile device or even at a land based venue, read on for an overview of each of our different gambling related categories.

The Mathematics of Gambling – There are lots of mathematics involved in all games of chance and sports betting too and whilst you may have no interest in knowing how those mathematics works in regards to odds and chance then that is fine and good.

However, if you do want to know the true odds of certain events happening when you are gambling then do take a good look at this section of the website as you are sure to find it very interesting and it will allow you to spot which odds are fair and which are a tad tight on a range of different betting opportunities.

Understanding Risk – There is always going to be an element of risk attached to any bets and wagers you place, however the savviest gamblers are always going to be looking to get the amount of risk they have in place down to an absolute minimum.

Therefore, if that is something that you are also interested in doing please do take a look at our guides to understanding risk as they will certainly be an eye opener and will allow you to pick out just which betting and wagering opportunities are going to give you the best value at the lowest levels of risk too!

Casino Gambling – Playing casino games can be fun, entertaining and of course very exciting, and you will always have the chance of winning when you play any type of casino based game.

However, we do know and fully understand that some people have never stepped foot inside a casino before or may never have played casino games online or via their mobile devices, and as such we have put together a range of casino game guides that will show you how every single game available in casinos work and play.

Betting on Sports – You will find such a huge range of sports betting opportunities available twenty-four hours a day it is very easy to become overwhelmed by them all, however if you are passionate about any one sports then you are always going to beable to place bets and wagers on that sport.

We have compiled a range of betting guides that will open your eyes to some of the standard types of bets and wagers but also some of the more unique betting opportunities available and we will also be explaining odds and how they are compiled too.

The Art of Playing Poker – Some gambling games are best described as having an element of skill involved in them and one such game which does have a huge element of skill attached to it is poker.

As you can now play poker games online, on a mobile device or in the more standard way in a land based gambling venue you may be interested in learning how to play one or more of the many different poker game variants, and if so the all that you need to do is to take a look at our poker game playing guides and all will then be revealed to you.

Gambling Related Bonuses – One thing that you will very quickly have to learn about if you do decide to start gambling online is how to get the best valued bonuses from the gambling sites you are gambling at, as each site will have on offer a huge array of quite different types of bonuses.

To help everyone understand just which bonuses are worth claiming, and which ones are not we have put together a comprehensive guide which give an overview of how every possible type of bonus you will be offered work, and as such finding one that is worth claiming is going to be a breeze once you read through those guides to gambling bonuses!

Playing Bingo Games –The number of people who have moved their one-time bingo club bingo playing sessions over to both the online and mobile playing environments is enormous, and there are of course lots of benefits of choose to start playing bingo online or on any type of mobile device.

In this section of our website we are going to be taking a look at a range of different bingo game variants, and letting you know the different ways that bingo bonuses can and are designed and structure, to allow you to spot the most valuable bingo bonuses and the very best bingo promotions to make use of!


When it comes to playing Blackjack online you will find that depending on just which online casino site you choose to play at, you will find a quite a large selection of different variants on offer, and it will be casino sites using Playtech, Real Time Gaming and Microgaming that do tend to have the largest selections of blackjack games on offer.

If you do fancy giving blackjack playing online a try then below we have listed some of the most played variants available to online players, and alongside each of the game names we have an overview of just why those variants are as popular as they are with players!

Classic Blackjack – The lowest house edge Blackjack game that you will find available online is Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack, the single hand version as opposed to the multi hand variant. That game will offer players a house edge of some 0.13% when played optimally.

With that in mind if you do choose to play Blackjack online then this game really has to be right at the top of your list of blackjack games to play for you will always have the very best winning opportunities whenever you play it with perfect strategy in play!

Blackjack Switch – When you log into any Playtech software powered online casino site or when using their mobile gaming platform you will find a unique blackjack game which is the Blackjack Switch game, if you learn to play that two hand game optimally and strategically you will be up against a low house edge of just 0.16%.

Live Blackjack – You will find a lot of online casinos sites will give you access to one or more live Blackjack games, which are being played in land based casinos and you watch the action via a live video and audio stream and place your bets onto those tables from your own computer.

Progressive Blackjack – There are several different progressive blackjack games that you will be able to play at various different online and mobile casino sites, however one thing to always remember about those games is that they tend to require you or force you to have to place a side bet to have any possible chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

By you choose to play progressive blackjack games then you will be experiencing a much higher overall house edge due to that forced side bet wager.

Double Exposure Blackjack – One final Blackjack game variant that is very popular with new players is the Double Exposure Blackjack game, why that game is so popular with players is that all of the dealer’s playing cards are dealt facing upwards, which does of course mean you know what hand the dealer has each type you play this game.

However, the more experienced Blackjack players will always tend to avoid playing his particular variant due to it have a very high house edge, even though you are able to see just what cards the dealer is holding.


If playing casino games online is something you like to do or wish to start doing then there are of course a large number of casino sites that are more than happy to see you sign up as a new player, and many of those casinos will be offering you a huge array of different bonuses, to get you to sign up with their respective sites.

However, one thing that you should always keep in mind is that anything that looks too good to be true possibly is, much more so in the online gambling environment and when you are offered a casino bonus that looks huge in value and generous it will be the terms and conditions that will ultimately determine just how generous that bonus really is.

To help you make some sort of sense and get your head around the many different bonuses that you can claim form casino sites online, we have put together an overview below of the most commonly offered bonuses, and alongside each of them you will find an overview of what makes one of those types of bonuses worth claiming or not worth claiming as the case may be!

No Deposit Bonuses – No deposit bonuses are often some of the hardest bonuses to win anything from, many players therefore tend to avoid claiming a free set of bonus credits via these types of bonus offers for if they do claim them they will find lots of game restrictions, rules and a huge play through requirements are attached to the bonuses.

So keep that in mind and look around for some of the more generous types of bonuses you will find listed below.

Deposit Match Bonuses – If there is one casino bonus that is used and claimed by the most players they are deposit match bonuses.

When you wish to make use of one of these types of bonuses you do of course need to make a deposit into your casino account and the casino then awards you with a percentage of your deposit a bonus credits.

The amount of bonus credits and the percentage of your deposit they will match varies from casino to casino and bonus to bonus, however every single deposit match bonus will require you to play through your deposit and or bonus funds a certain number of times before you can even think about making a withdrawal from your casino account!

Free Play Keep the Winnings – Some casinos give you an hour and some free credits to play their games and will tell you than any winnings you achieve in your first hour will be yours to keep.

However, those types of bonuses are designed to only enable you to get a percentage or up to a certain amount of those winnings added to your casino account a bonus credits only after you have made a small deposit.

Free Slot Spin Bonuses – Being offered a free set of slot spins will mean that you then have to simply play off those spins and any winnings that you spin in or are awarded via a bonus game will be yours to keep.

However, some casinos award your winning from sets of free slots spin as bonus credits and that does of course mean you will have play through requirements attached to them. However, any casino offering free sets of spins on which the winnings are awarded as cash are worth playing at, as you can then do with those winnings whatever you want to do with them!

Cash Back Bonuses – One final type of casino bonus that you will find being offered to you are cash back bonuses, and as you may have already worked out these types of bonuses are going to see you getting paid back a percentage of your losses accumulated when playing some casino games over any given time period.

The only problem with these types of bonuses is that you will have to have lost to get them! However, if you do see any being advertised then the best ones to make use of are those that pay your cash back as real cash credits and not bonus credits that will need playing through before you are able to cash them out!


You may be tempted to download a casino app onto any mobile device you own or have access to and if that is something that you are considering doing, then you will of course be interested to learn just what type of casino games you are going to have access to on such an app.

With that in mind below we have an overview of the most popular categories of casino games which you will have access to all casino apps, and we shall also be introducing you to a couple of casino game categories that you may be blissfully unaware of.

So keep on reading to discover just how wide and varied that range of different casino games that are going to be just a tap or two of your mobile devices screen away if you do decide to download a casino app onto your mobile phone or tablet device!

Slot Machines – There are going to be so many different types of slot machines that you will be able to instantly access on a casino app you really are going to be having be ball working your way through them all and playing them all if you are a slot player.

There will be plenty of fruit machines themed slot machines to get stuck into playing however you will also find plenty of the older styled classic slots and three reel slots too. Some of the most played casino app slot games are the video slots which all offer some form of unique bonus game and bonus features too.

Progressives slot games are also readily on offer via a casino app and the jackpots on those types of slot machines can be mega sized, and can be won at random, via a bonus game or by simply spinning in a set of matching symbols on a certain pay line.

Video Poker Games – It may be beneficial for you to start to learn how to play video poker, for when you download a casino app onto your mobile phone or tablet device you will find lots of different video poker games on offer.

However, video poker games can return some of the very highest of payout percentages and as such they are the type of games you will be getting the best winning chances on whenever you play them optimally!

Progressive Games – There can be some life changing progressive jackpots on offer when you play casino game via a casino app, and the range of games that have progressive jackpots attached to is very large and varied.

Card Games – Blackjack games, casino poker games an also plenty of other card games such as Baccarat can be accessed via most casino apps, you will find those games can be quite high paying games and will also offer you a range of different staking options.

Table Games – Table game players will also have plenty of choice in regards to the types of table games they can instantly play via a casino app, if you enjoy playing Roulette for example then do be aware the best variants to play will always be the games on which there is one zero in play and you should therefore avoid any Roulette game which has more than one zero on the wheel!

Unique Games – There are also going to be quite a number of game offered via some casino apps that you may never have seen or played before that you may never have associated with a casino.

Take for example games such as scratchcard games, whilst those games may sound extremely boring to play when logged into a casino app you will find that many of them offer different playing structure and can be played for several different stake options. The payout and RTP’s of casino app scratchcard games are usually way higher than those found on scratchcards you buy from shops!

Arcade Games – There are some casino game designers that have gone out of their way to ensure the range of game you will be accessing when using one of their casino apps are going to be very wide and varied.

Take for example Playtech how have been designing online and mobile games for decades. They now offer players using a casino app offering their games a range of arcade game you can play, all of which offer real money prizes when playing in a real money playing environment.

Many of those games will offer you a type of playing structure you may find exciting or entertaining so do consider giving some of those very unique and unusual arcade games a little play time you ever wish to have a change of scenery from the usual type of casino games you tend to play all of the time!



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